Our church’s history is built on the individual member’s past accounts relating to our church where fellowship and Christian service abounds.  It is important to keep a record of what really happened, not in general terms, but in a more personal experience.  They could be big contribution or trivial service for the cause of Christ, yet they’re all worth keeping and, therefore, considered part of our Church’s history. Would you be part in building our Church History?  Tell your stories so the present and future generation can learn from them. Send your story using the form below.

Paul Patrie smallI received the Right Hand of Fellowship in May 1978. Chuck Huddy and I were welcomed into Church membership at the same time. The Rev. George Tooze officiated.  I remember meeting with the entire Board of Deacons (as they were known at the time) to discuss how my life journey led me to FBC.  The Board was about 15 members strong with most of them in attendance. I must admit that the thought of meeting the group was bit intimidating but the actual experience was pleasant and I was made to feel welcome. 35 years later I still feel the warmth!

When I joined the Church,  I was not part of any organization and shied away from involvement in activities that would require my taking a leadership role. Believe  it or not I was a pretty shy person. However,  shortly after becoming a member I was nominated to be a Trustee. I chaired several committees  and eventually followed Mark Foxon as Chairman of the Board  – a tough act to follow. I’m not sure how many years I served on this board but it was quite a few.  I have stayed involved in one capacity or another since that time. I currently serve on the Board of Christian Education and the Pastoral Relations Committee.

I can recall some memories that at the time they occurred didn’t seem so humorous  but over the course of the intervening years I’ve been able chuckle as they come to mind,  There was the time that my son got bored with his role as a wise man in a Christmas pageant and decided to slowly disrobe in front of the entire congregation (much to his parents’ chagrin), And there was the bathroom incident following a Carol Festival  – details not necessary for this project.  My prayer for our Church is that we’re always here to reach out to others with compassion and love.  Happy 210th Birthday!

Cindy HuddyI joined in 1972. Chuck followed a few years later.  Shortly after I joined, I became Superintendent of the Junior High Sunday School Department.  Chuck and I were very active in the Mr. and Mrs. Group,  serving one year as Presidents.  Chuck was a member of the Morse Brotherhood.  I attended the Clark Fellowship for a while.  We had both our boys dedicated as infants.  They have Hawaiian middle names and the minister at the time,  Rev. George Sinclair, stumbled over the names during the dedication.  Happy 210th Founding Anniversary.


Irene Hofmann
Irene Hofmann

I came to First Baptist in the fall of 1976 to join the choir as alto soloist under the direction of Robert K. Love. To sing in such a large and well-trained choir was a wonderful experience for me! In December of 1986 I became an official member of the church along with my husband, Frank. We both enjoyed the fellowship of this warm and welcoming congregation. I have served on many boards and committees over the years including the church council, mission board and church use committee. I was active in the Mr. & Mrs. Fellowship group for many years and especially enjoyed working on the “Famous Ham & Bean Suppers” with musical entertainment which the group presented.
I was the leader of the Group Q women’s group for many years, and have been an active member and treasurer of the American Baptist Women’s Group until the present time.
Although our congregation is much smaller now, we all still enjoy the warm and friendly fellowship of our present members and friends. I am still singing each week with our choir and thank both Richard Freeman and Marilyn Glover for their good leadership. All in all, my experiences at First Baptist have been some of the best times in my life and I praise God daily for his presence in my own life and in that of our church.
Currently, Irene Hofmann is Vice Chair of the Mission Board 2014.

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