Each year we recognize a member in our church family who goes above and beyond the regular church attendance. A person (or couple) who is always willing to go that extra mile for the cause of Christ and good of the church is selected Layperson of the Year. With the majority vote of the congregation under the auspices of the Church Council, the recipient is granted this award with a lunch fellowship on the month of June.

Past recipients: Betty Hickey (1992); Doris Porter (1993); Jim Hickey (1994); Ken Meader (1995); Phyllis Knight (1996); David Williams and Andrew Nowak (1997); Charles Henry (1998); Yvel Sylvain (1999); Sharon Strum (2000); Lisa Jacobson (2001); Charles Huddy (2002); Marilyn Glover (2003); Jose Lantin, Jr. (2004); Frank and Irene Hofmann (2005), Noreen Jacobson (2006), Mark and Dottye Foxon (2007) , Steven Lacey (2008) , Claire Stevens (2009), Paul Patrie (2010), Launa Cooper (2011), John Nowak (2012), Mae Upperman (2013), David and Dottie Latta (2014), Roslyn Nowak (2015),  Peggy Blum (2016)

Layperson of the Year 2016

Peggy Blum
Peggy Blum

The Church Council has selected Peggy Blum as this year’s Layperson of the Year.  Peggy is an active member of the church who serves the Lord in many different ways.  Currently, she serves as Deaconess and member of the Scholarship committee.  While many would see her greeting members and guests as usher during the Sunday worship service, most of her involvement are behind the scene. She helps out as Sunday school teacher, faithful member of the Tuesday bible study, American Baptist Women’s activities, church work days volunteer, Glen Ridge worship, and other church ministries. While doing her tasks, Peggy is seen to be cheerful, loving, and diligent to get the job done.  A woman of action rather than words, our church ministries are reinforced by her presence even when health concerns would have prevented her to.

Peggy will be honored during the worship service and catered lunch on Sunday, June 5.  Tickets ($8/adult, $4/child under 10) will be available through the church office and during Coffee Hour (please look for Paul Patrie for assistance) on May 22 and 29.  The deadline to purchase tickets is May 29.  Please plan to join us as we honor Peggy for the many ways she serves the Lord through our congregation.