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On Tuesday, February 27, 2018 we will begin to learn from The Extraordinary Story of Ann Hasseltine Judson: A Life Beyond Boundaries.

As was discussed at Bible study today, we will provide a program of Christmas carols and a brief meditation at Oosterman’s Rest Home in Melrose (93 Laurel St) on Wednesday, December 13 at 2 pm.  If anyone needs a ride, please let me know. (This is in addition to the Sanctuary Choir caroling there on Monday evening, December 18, before their Christmas party.) 
Here is the schedule for the next several weeks of Bible Study
    December 5 & 12    Chapter 4 of Hamilton’s Half Truths: “God said it, I believe it, that settles it”
    December 19           Lunch & recognition of July-December birthdays
    December 26           No Bible study
    January 2                No Bible study
    January 9 (&16?)    Chapter 5 of Hamilton’s Half Truths: “Love the sinner, hate the sin”

Copies of the book by Adam Hamilton, “Half Truths”, have been ordered and distributed and will be discussed on September 26 @ 11:30 a.m. An open mind is required as we tackle some accepted truths which we held deeply and share with others, yet, not totally realized in the deepest sense of the Word. Such truths are questioned which needs to be studied.

Until we are ready to use the book by Rev. Adam Hamilton, a  two-session study on Biblical and contemporary Israel will be discussed as follows:
Session 1 on September 12 – Biblical Israel, Contemporary Israel: Are they the same?. What does the bible say?
Session 2 on September 19 – Biblical Israel, Contemporary Israel: Are they the same?. Some theological considerations.

Discussion on September 5, 2017 will focus on “Desert Fathers and Mothers”. Please bring provided handouts.

On June 20, 2017, The Tuesday Bible Study group takes a break to celebrate the birthdays of members from January to June, 2017. Sharing some souvenir photos here.

Four Gospels, One Story is the subject matter of discussion starting June 6, 2017. Understanding the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in their unique perspective of authorship gives us the benefit of knowing Jesus as God incarnate who lived with men as a person. The clear knowledge of what the writers together conveyed of Jesus as the fulfillment of the prophecies of the old testament and His mission of restoring our relationship with God is a benefit that we, Christians, can possess to strengthen our faith in words and deeds.

The Tuesday Bible Study continues every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in the church kitchen.[/caption]

Easter 2017 Special Presentation: The Empty Tomb and the Great Commission.

On Tuesday, April 19, we will conclude the study based on Adam Hamilton’s Making Sense of the Bible (chapters 31 & 32).
There will be a recess on April 26 but on May 3, we will begin a new study entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins (And Their Corresponding Virtues).”  There will be a handout each week based on a different sin/virtue.
For those who are interested, below is a schedule of the themes to be taken up, they are:
     May 3      Lust and Chastity
     May 10    Gluttony and Temperance
     May 17     Greed and Generosity
     May 24     Sloth and Caring
     May 31     Wrath and Patience
     June 7      Envy and Love
     June 14    Pride and Humility

The Tuesday Bible Study is held in the church kitchen at 11:30 a.m.

In Making Sense of the Bible, Adam Hamilton invites us into an honest conversation about the Bible. The book begins with foundational questions such as, How and when was the Bible written? Who decided which books made it into the scriptures and why? How literally must we read it? And, Is the Bible ever wrong?
From there, Hamilton considers the real questions people frequently ask that continue to divide Christians and denominations alike, including:
Were Adam and Eve real people?
Why is God so violent in the Old Testament?
Why would Paul command women to “keep silent in the church”?
Is Jesus the only way to salvation?
How does God view homosexual people?
Is the Book of Revelation a guide to the End Times?
In approachable and inviting language, Hamilton addresses these often misunderstood biblical themes leading readers to a deeper appreciation of the Bible so that we might hear God speak through it and find its words to be life-changing and life-giving. Excerpt from HarperOne.

As  we continue to look at some of the  challenging beliefs and practices within the early Church, this Tuesday we will look at Gnosticism and Docetism.  (For those who were not able to be us last week, we looked at the Ebionites)

The tentative schedule for the remainder of the summer is as follows:
July 21          Marcion
July 28          the Montanists
August 4       the Donatists
We will then take a break until September 8.

‘Botched’ Arizona Execution Fans Death Penalty Debate
Originally published for the Week of August 3, 2014
Tuesday Bible Study on May 19, 2015
In the News
When convicted murderer Joseph R. Wood III was executed by lethal injection in Arizona on July 23, the process took nearly two hours. Experts say that such executions typically take about 10 minutes. After the drugs were administered, Wood apparently lost consciousness, but remained alive for more than an hour and 40 minutes. The team involved in the execution reported that he was asleep and snoring during that period, while some witnesses said he struggled to breathe and moved his lips. Witnesses also reported seeing Wood gasp more than 600 times after he was declared sedated.
The medical team involved in the execution deemed Wood fully sedated at 1:57 p.m. but did not pronounce him dead until 3:49 p.m.
Wood’s prolonged execution follows one in Oklahoma in April also called “botched” by some, where Clayton Lockett, convicted of murder and other crimes, writhed, groaned, convulsed and spoke during the process and attempted to rise from the execution table 14 minutes into the procedure, despite having been declared unconscious. Although the execution was stopped, Lockett died of a heart attack 43 minutes after being sedated. There have also been procedural problems with lethal injection executions in other states recently.
In both the Lockett and Wood cases, the problems in the execution process have been attributed to the drug used to sedate the inmate. Previously, a more effective anesthetic, sodium thiopental, was available, but the sole U.S. manufacturer has stopped making it, and overseas manufacturers are banned by the European Union from exporting it for purposes of execution. Using sodium thiopental, lethal injection deaths normally occur in about 10 minutes.
Groups opposed to capital punishment have made it nearly impossible for state governments to purchase known effective drugs, such as those used for euthanasia of animals, forcing them to look for other drugs.
Wood had been on death row since 1991, after he was sentenced for the 1989 killing of his ex-girlfriend and her father. He was the third inmate put to death in Arizona since last October but the first to be executed using the new combination of drugs.
Following Wood’s protracted execution, Arizona governor Jan Brewer ordered a review of the process because of the length of time it took him to die. Brewer said, “One thing is certain, however: inmate Wood died in a lawful manner, and by eyewitness and medical accounts he did not suffer. This is in stark comparison to the gruesome, vicious suffering that he inflicted on his two victims — and the lifetime of suffering he has caused their family.”
Now that sodium thiopental is not an option, some people are asking whether lethal injection is constitutional under the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. If lethal injection is found unconstitutional, executions would likely revert to electrocution, firing squad, hanging or other established methods.
The problems with recent lethal injection executions have been used by some opposed to capital punishment to incite calls for elimination the death penalty altogether in the United States. It has also led some people independently to reconsider the place of executions in any form.
According to a recent Barna Poll, only 5 percent of Americans think Jesus would support capital punishment. Despite that, a majority of Americans support it themselves.
The Big Questions

        1. If you believe capital punishment to be acceptable, what are some reasons you support it? If you believe it to be unacceptable, what are some reasons you don’t support it? Has your opinion on the death penalty changed over the years? What fueled that change — something that directly impacted your life? personal study? observation of societal events?
        1. In what ways does your understanding of Christianity affect your view of capital punishment? What guidance does the Bible give on the subject? What guidance does your denomination give on the subject? Is Christianity a set of rules we follow to please God or something God does for us?
        1. Do you differentiate between God’s commands for your own behavior and God’s purposes for government? If so, how?
        1. What bearing should the frequency of false convictions and unequal access to legal resources have on our position as Christians about capital punishment?
        1. Might your feelings about capital punishment change if the victim of someone on death row were a member of your family? Might your feelings change if the person on death row were a member of your family? Might your feelings change if you were an employee of the criminal justice system and part of your job was to help carry out executions? Should these feelings make a difference? Why?Confronting the News with Scripture and Hope Here are some Bible verses to guide your reflection and our discussion:
          Exodus 21:12-27 Exodus 20:1-17.
          Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 Romans 13:1-7 John 8:2-11 Matthew 5:38-48
          Copyright 2014 Communication Resources
          Dear Bible Study Group Members,
          As I proposed back in January about our Lenten Bible Study, we will use a resource collectively known as “Will You Come and Follow Me”. This will guide us to reflect on a different hymn each week.  For Hymn and Scripture references, please click here.
          Also a handout for next week’s session is available at Feeding Ministry on Friday and at worship next Sunday for those who have difficulty downloading and/or printing. There is a lot of material presented in each week’s handout, but I encourage you to read as much of it as possible before we meet. You may also want to review the scriptures listed on the schedule. I hope this curriculum will inform and inspire our study and discussion during the Lenten season. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
          Dear Bible Study Group Members,
          The topic for next week’s study and discussion, February 3, will be based on recent news accounts. ….
          Under-inflated footballs have been big news of late, ever since it was discovered that the New England Patriots were using them in their game with the Indianapolis Colts. Because the under-inflated balls are thought by some to provide a slight edge to the team on offense, it’s assumed that the balls in question were deliberately deflated. Using under-inflated balls is a violation of NFL rules, and finding them in the recent game has led to still-unproven claims that the Patriots were cheating.
          While not assuming anyone’s guilt, the news does give us an opportunity to talk about how we convince ourselves that cheating (or almost any other wrongdoing) is okay. That is, assuming we accept basic morality to begin with — and surely most Christians do — how do we give ourselves permission to do something that is not acceptable according to our moral code? That will be the topic on February 3.
          If you wish to start thinking about our topic in advance, please click here
          Bible Study starts at 11:30 a.m. in the Church Kitchen. Please enter by the Parking lot entrance.
          Tuesday Bible Study Christmas Party was held on December 16, 2014 together with Pastor Martha and Betty Hickey’s joint Birthday celebration.  We welcome the presence of Richard and Doreen Freeman who recently joined the Bible study group. Watch Video
          Past Studies in 2014 about Men of the Bible.  The Story of Gideon.  Watch Video and related story.

Want to learn more? You are invited to join the Tuesday Bible Study Group that meets every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Please join us in the upstairs kitchen of the church. Bring a lunch if you would like to eat as you study. See you in the church kitchen. Teacher: Pastor Martha Dominy

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