The First Baptist Church of Malden continues the heritage and legacy of the founders, for two centuries since its establishment, on the need to draw closer to God in worship through hymns and songs. Music is the overflow of joy as well as an expression of thanks for God’s love and grace to all believers. So, we have the choir to minister and lead the congregation in this glorious singing during  worship. Ephesians 5:18–19 “Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.”

Music and Choir Director: Mr. Richard Freeman
Organ and Piano Accompanist: Ms. Marilyn Glover

Choir Banquet, May 28, 2017 Pearl Street Station, Malden, MA.

Memorial Day Weekend Sunday Worship, May 28, 2017

United We Stand-America Our Heritage >

“United We Stand” C. Sobaje, 2001; “America-Our Heritage” Helen Steele, Arr. by Hawley Ades

From left: Richard, Andy, Chandru, and Steve,  2017









Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017

It’s In His Name >

“It’s In His Name” Judy Ashinhurst Simon, choral Setting by Jack Schrader

From Left: Delphine, Cindy, Irene, Sugantha. 2017









Worship Service, May 7, 2017

More Love To Thee O Christ >

Ms. Delphine Haldane sings solo in  “More Love To Thee, O Christ”  Daniel Protheroe, Elizabeth B. Prentiss