Martha DominyWelcome. First Baptist Church of Malden is located at 493 Main St.,  Malden, Massachusetts, USA.  Year, 2003, marked her 200th year of existence as a dynamic church since her founding on December 27, 1803.  Identified with the American Baptist Churches in the United States of America, FBC, Malden has long since lived up to her role in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to people of various backgrounds in the local, national, and international communities carried out by the church’s membership.

Under the able leadership of Rev. Martha Dominy as Senior Pastor, discipleship has always been ongoing and growing strong with the purpose of guiding and equipping  the members for witnessing and caring of their fellowmen.  Christian mission has been the stalwart activity of the Church knowing that the world needs urgent help in these present times of turmoil and strife.

The purpose of our Church, as a congregation is to provide for the public worship of God and lead people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through faith by God’s grace.  The church insures the continuance of a ministry that will be relevant and meaningful to persons of all ages, races and nationalities. Some of the many objectives of the church are to promote Christian education, to practice Christian benevolence, and to spread Christian influence in the community.

First Baptist Church, Malden is affiliated with the Adoniram Judson Baptist Association, The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, The American Baptist Churches in the United States of America, The Baptist World Alliance, The Massachusetts Council of Churches, The National Council of Churches of Christ in the United States of America, and The World Council of Churches.

Any person who acknowledges the Baptist tradition and confess Jesus Christ to be his or her Savior and Lord, may become a member of the Church upon the vote of the Diaconate in accordance with any of the following procedures, i.e., by Baptism, by Letter of transfer, by Experience, by Confession of Faith, and by Reinstatement.  Membership will be effective with the receiving of the right hand of fellowship.

Church Membership

Have you been attending our church for a while and would like to make it your church home?  You are encouraged to speak with me if you would like to become a member of our church either through believer’s baptism, transfer of membership from another congregation, profession of faith, or Christian experience.  If you are interested, classes for youth and/or adults will be held in the latter part of March and early April.
Pastor Martha A. Dominy
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