“What do Baptists believe?” … “What does it mean to be a member of First Baptist Church of Malden?”

How would you answer these questions if they were asked by a friend?  Being a Christian doesn’t mean that we have to have all the answers about religion, or know everything about the Bible (or even be able to recite the books of the Bible in order!).  It does mean that we have a personal understanding of who Jesus Christ was and is, and want to follow his teachings the rest of our lives.

Baptists believe that each person has the right to decide for him/herself if they want to follow Jesus.  That is why we practice Believer’s Baptism … the individual being baptized has decided that he/she wants to publicly say, “I believe in Jesus.”  This is not done for them by their parents or friends, it is a decision and commitment each person must make for him/herself.

Church membership means a lot more than just attending Sunday school and/or worship on Sunday mornings and voting at business meetings.  When people become members of our church, they promise to support the church and its ministries through prayer, money, and time whenever they can.  There are several ways a person can be welcomed into membership of our church.

Youth and adults who would like to know more about Christianity, Baptist beliefs and church membership are invited to attend Discipleship Classes that will be scheduled at the convenience of the participants. Please speak with me if you would like to participate in this program.

Pastor Martha Dominy

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